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When? Pick any day that best fits your schedule!

What Can You Do? Invite a local government official into your class as a speaker-visit city hall-research the history of your city-hold a discussion on sales tax revenues--brainstorm an issue facing your school, city, state, or country--hold a debate on that issue and develop an action plan to solve that issue.

Why? To introduce students to the important role local government plays in their community

Partners: University of Missouri-St. Louis-College of Education, University of MO Extension, Missouri Municipal League (MML), Missouri City/County Management Association (MCMA), & St. Louis Area City Management Association (SLACMA)  

Program Name

MY LOGO is the new name for the Local Government Program(formerly Local Government CECH-UP). The name stands for "Missouri Youth Engaged in Local Government."

Executive Director & Teresa M. Fischer Endowed Professor of Citizenship Education

Dr. Wolfgang Althof is the the MY LOGO Executive Director.  As Executive Director, he provides oversite for MY LOGO and Kids Voting Missouri. Both programs are part of the Citizenship Education Clearing House (CECH) at the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Education.

Prior to joining UMSL in 2005, Dr. Althof was in the Department of Education, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, from 1984-2004.  Since 1991, Dr. Althof's focus has been on moral/character development and citizenship education in school-wide programs called "Just and Caring School Communities" and on their contribution to school and staff development.





circlelogoMY LOGO is designed to teach students about local government in Missouri and involve them in identifying and resolving issues confronting their own communities.

While the program may need some modification to meet each local community´s needs and circumstances, its basic format utilizes one or all of the following: classroom learning, site visits, creation of community or service projects, and/or participation in a Local Government Projects Fair to provide comprehensive learning experiences for participants

The specific goals of the program include:

  1. Teaching students about, and involving them in, an understanding of local government.
  2. Bringing students into direct contact with local governments and local government officials.
  3. Familiarizing students with the profession of city management and public administration.
  4. Providing opportunities for students to research and discuss problems and challenges facing local government in their communities.
  5. Enhancing the learning process by having students develop class, small group and individual projects related to some aspect of local government.
  6. Offering schools local government curriculum resources that can be tailored to local government and issues.
  7. Fostering the development of a MY LOGO (Missouri Youth Engaged in Local Government) network among teachers, students, University of MO-Extension field staff, and local government officials across Missouri, and
  8. Strengthening the relationship among local government officials, schools, and University of MO-Extension across the state.

MY LOGO is administered by the Citizenship Education Clearing House (CECH) at the University of MO-St. Louis College of Education in partnership with University of Missouri Extension.


Missouri Youth Engaged in Local Governent (MY LOGO) College of Education, University of Missouri - St. Louis and University Outreach & Extension. Funded by a grant from the Urban Extension Project, a joint effort of the East Central Region, University Outreach & Extension, and Continuing Education & Outreach, University of Missouri - St. Louis.

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