If someone asked you to come up with a symbol or picture of "government," what would you think of? The White House? Perhaps the state flag? Your local courthouse?

You probably wouldn't think of a school building, a sewage plant, the local library, or even City Hall. These buildings, however, are just as much symbols of government as the White House and are the result of actions by local government.

Citizens pay a lot more attention to the actions and words of the President of the United States, members of Congress, or even to the Governor at the state level. But local government actually plays a very significant role in your daily life, in ways you may not have thought about.

The MY LOGO (Missouri Youth Engaged in Local Government) Program at UMSL is designed to help you learn what local government is and what it does, particularly in your very own community. Through MY LOGO you will get a better appreciation and understanding of the important jobs carried out by local government officials such as your mayor, county commissioner, county clerk, alderman, council men/women, city manager, city administrator, county executive, sherrif, police chief, coroner, or assessor to name a few.

The MY LOGO Program will inspire you to get involved in your local community in ways that will help you better understand your communities strengths --- those unique characteristics that make it a great place to go to school, work, and play. You will also find out about problems facing your community and learn steps in how to solve those problems.

As a responsible, active citizen and member of your community, you have an important role to play in helping your community build and maintain its core values and identify and address its problems.